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A brand new category of social multiplayer games, Aviator slot features a growth curve that allows players to take off at any time. In Aviator Mobile, the multiplier scale will immediately begin to increase when the round begins.

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The user is responsible for retrieving the funds before the lucky plane takes off.

The video game Aviator allows players to enter the world of flying by simulating the takeoff of an airplane in the form of a shadow that can even move off the screen. Just download the Aviator Game game for Android and play the Aviator game app at the Pin Ap casino.

This game encourages players to become fully immersed in the world of aviation. If it continues to rise, the coefficient of the bet that is related to it will do so at a faster rate. You are required to pay attention to this procedure and withdraw your money at the appropriate time in order to receive the highest potential multiplier.

You are welcome to test out the trial version of Aviator before registering. And with that, I hope you have a fantastic day playing at Aviator crash game casino!

The Aviator Game at Pinap is unlike any other video game since it includes social components and integrates its participants into a communal setting. This is an entirely novel game category that allows players to experience extraordinary emotions while playing. This format was first used in the video game business and has since gained a lot of traction due to the fact that it is incredibly easy to use, produces amazing effects, and features thrilling gameplay. At present, this aviation game is one of a kind because it allows you to double the coefficient by X times! Players were provided with an entirely fresh gaming experience by the Aviator Bet game. After all, watching your flight every second increases by 10 or 100 times, and your mission is just to hit a button or wait for an even bigger increase; it severely tickles the nerves and arouses completely new feelings!

To install the Pin up casino app, just follow a few simple steps:

You can start the game by clicking on the shortcut that appears on the desktop.

Aviator game rules:

You are to keep pressing the button until the airplane takes off so that you can claim your prize. As a result, in the Aviator game, you are permitted to make two bets simultaneously in order to claim the first portion of the prize, such as when the jet flies at 2x in the aviator game. After the plane reaches 7, you cash out the second wager with a 7x win, easy. They are not complicated in any way. While we wait for a new round to begin, we make a payment or even two payments simultaneously. After that point in the Aviator = game, the plane finally lifts off the ground and begins flying. It is possible for the multiplication to continue for up to 300 or 1000 times, or it may end almost instantly.

Aviator Strategies

We recommend choosing your bet type and size in advance. You can't place more than two bets, but for beginners, it's best to focus on one. At the same time, there must be enough money in the balance for at least 100 consecutive bets.

The low-risk strategy does not bring you a lot of money but allows you to increase your balance gradually. It's simple: you need to withdraw funds at a multiplier of no more than x1.21. The option of automatic bets and funds withdrawal will help control the process. Not tight on money? It is better to withdraw funds by reaching the coefficient x2. Big odds of 100 usually appear only once an hour and are quite unpredictable.

If a player decides to make a couple of bets simultaneously, it is recommended to prefer low risks. The first automatic bet and withdrawal amount must not exceed x1.2, and the second bet is made considering the small risk tactics we discussed earlier.

When playing on two bets, we recommend stopping at different odds: x30 for the first bet and x80 for the second. This will allow you to save your bankroll while waiting for really big odds.

It is worth mentioning that none of the strategies proposed in Aviator is 100% winning, just some indications of strategies that are usually more efficient.

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