1win Aviator

Developed by Scribe studio, Aviator is a new crash 1win casino game in the same genre as JetX from SmartSoft Gaming. This new type of multiplayer social game has quickly become popular among players in crypto casinos due to its simplicity and exciting gaming experience.

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The good news is that the Aviator casino game is available in a free demo version, and you can also find it in classic online casinos. The object of the game is to bet and follow an increasing curve formed by the trajectory of an aircraft. You'll need to cash in the increasing multiplier before the plane disappears from the screen. Aviator game RTP is 97%and it is possible to win up to $100,000 per round.

This game represents the new generation of iGaming entertainment; you will find in this review all the information you need to know about it, where to play aviator, our opinion on aviator, and access to free aviator.

How to play aviator?

The course of a game on the 1 win Aviator game consists of three steps: bet, analyze and withdraw your winnings before it is too late.

Your bet is lost if you haven't withdrawn your winnings soon enough and the plane has left. It's up to you to manage your risk-taking to make a decent gain without risking losing your bet.

Interface of the Aviator casino

The Aviator casino game includes an area occupied by the curve and the plane; the winning multiplier is visible in its center, while two slots at the bottom are used to place two separate bets. On the left are all the players participating in the game; their bets are displayed, their multiplier, and the moment they decide to withdraw. When a player withdraws, he appears in green, while the others still in the race are in black on the screen.

A fair result for each party

The Aviator game is based on the cryptographic technology entitled Provably Fair, which guarantees 100% a fair result of the game. The result of each game is not generated on the servers of the game publishing company, but thanks to the players, it is thus impossible to manipulate the result because all players can see and confirm the result of each game. Before each game, the random generator generates the multiplier where the plane will disappear. The history and information on each round are accessible on the upper part of the screen.

How to win on aviator?

As with all gambling, 1 win Aviator remains a game of chance, and it is impossible to predict exactly when the plane will disappear. On the other hand, different betting strategies allow you to optimize your chances of winning as much as possible.

Among these strategies, it can be interesting to bet a low amount on the first bet and let it last a long time to try to reach a high amount and then bet a higher amount on the second bet in order to make a quick profit. , it will then be necessary to withdraw its gain very quickly after the takeoff of the plane.

Moreover, the martingale can also be used in the spribe aviator game. For example, you can start betting $1 and withdraw when the plane reaches a x2 multiplier. If you lose, you will then have to double your bet, and so on, until you win. If you win, then start betting $1 again. The risk here is quickly reaching the maximum stake of $1000 per bet. To overcome this, starting with a low stake of $0.10 per bet is quite possible.

Our opinion on Aviator

Aviator is one of the next-generation 1win casino games that provide a lot of excitement, although it is still very basic in its operation. The graphics are simplified to focus only on the curve, we would have preferred to see more lively animations, but that doesn't bother the gaming community that much. The social aspect and the fact of being able to control one's risk-taking also accentuate this part of the excitement.

The advantage of aviator compared to its counterpart JetX is to be more easily accessible on gaming platforms. Moreover, its RTP of 97% is among the highest rates returned to players of all types of online games and technology. Provably Fair is here to preserve a fair game. All of these points lead us to give a favorable opinion of Aviator, but we must remember that this game is not a way to earn money but rather a way to have fun, so only bet what you can afford to lose.