Aviator Game

Aviator game is a new trend in online casinos. Players are fascinated because hardly any other game allows such fast and high profits. At the same time, there are only fractions of a second between a sizeable profit and a total loss. A great attraction is that players can interrupt the crash game and take their winnings.

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Aviator (Spribe)

Aviator is a modern crash game released by the manufacturer Spribe. Players see an airplane taking off from the ground, and the aircraft does not increase its altitude linearly but exponentially.

The curve of the plane corresponds to the win multiplier, which starts at 1.0x and can theoretically grow to infinity. The win multiplier keeps growing as long as the plane stays on its line. Suddenly, however, the plane flies away – anyone who hasn't dropped out of the bet loses their bet.

Aviator comes with a 97% return to player (RTP) rate. A chat tool on the right side of the game allows players to communicate with other players. The missions can be seen to the left of the airfield. Players can see how many players took part, what bets they placed, and what win multipliers were taken at the end of the round.

There is also a statistic with a leaderboard with the biggest cash wins and win multipliers. This leaderboard is available for days, months, and years. A tip: There are sometimes promotions with free bets in the chat.

Aviator is a very well-known crash game and can be found in many online casinos. In addition to the normal game, some tournaments reward top players with additional cash prizes.

Basic functionality of aviator game

The basic functionality of the Aviator slot is straightforward. Players make a bet. After the game begins, the bet is multiplied by a multiplier, and this multiplier keeps increasing. Thus, the player's profit keeps growing.

Players can secure the win at any time with one click. However, at some point in the game, the multiplier drops to zero, and the entire bet and potential win previously accumulated is lost. This happens in a fraction of a second without any warning or notice.

The multiplier in aviator game increases extremely fast. Therein lies the appeal of the game. Any player can see their winnings multiplied within seconds. The incentive to stay longer in the game is, therefore, great. At the same time, remaining in the game increases the risk of a total loss.

The visual design of aviator game differs depending on the casino. Very often, flying objects are used that take off and then gain altitude with a steep curve. Then, all of a sudden, it crashes.

Aviator Game and Psychology

Once an aviator game has started, there are two ways in which the game can be ended. First, players can click the Cash Out button and take home the bet multiplied by the multiplier they just achieved. Secondly, the multiplier can collapse - the entire bet is then lost.

Crash games play with human psychology. Players not only fear losing their bet but also the loss of one of the already visible gains. If the algorithm aborts the aviator game, the stake and the unrealized profit are lost.

If the player aborts the aviator game, the bet is won with the multiplier reached. However, the aviator game shows how far the multiplier would have increased. A player who cashes out may find that they have missed out on a much larger win.

Aviator Game Strategies

Many players wonder if there are specific crash game strategies that promise success. The course of the game is subject to chance. Algorithms and random number generators determine when the plane crashes, or the multiplier collapses.

In the case of Cash or Crash Live and Evolution Gaming, there is physical randomness (drawing of balls) behind it. There is no way to predict the multiplier. Accordingly, strategies can only relate to the size of the bet and taking profits.

Limit bets

As always, players should limit their bets in casinos’ official sites, and set a maximum loss before starting the game. For example, if this maximum loss is $100, no more should be lost in the respective session.

Many online casinos allow players to set wagering and net loss limits. This is possible mainly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For example, if you set a monthly net loss limit of $100, you will be reminded of the limit when you reach this value. In addition, the casino will not accept any more bets until the specified period has expired. The limits set for an online casino official sites also apply to crash games.

Use Auto Cash Out

Some Crash Games offer an Auto Cash Out feature. The multiplier is set, and when it is reached, the bet and the winnings are automatically removed. For example, if you set a multiplier of 2.0, you always take profits when doubling your bet.

The following applies here: The lower the take-win multiplier is set, the more games are won. However, the profits are then also relatively small. If you only decide to take profits when the multiplier is very high, you also have to put up with longer series of losses - but you can then make quite high profits.

Beware of forecasting apps and supposedly safe strategies

So-called forecasting apps should be used with great caution. The apps promise to be able to predict the gameplay of the aviator game. Sometimes the manufacturers claim to be able to use data about past games and derive future results from it.

So far, no developer of such an app has been able to prove that this succeeds. These are often paid apps, with players paying money for a non-working application in the worst case.

It is important to appeal to common sense here: Anyone who could predict the course of crash games with sufficient accuracy would not leave such knowledge to third parties but would place their stakes in the corresponding game.